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Billings Music allows you to use our music royalty free with all purchases, no subscription needed. Perfect for the YouTuber, all social media and any personal projects you need music for.

What is Royalty Free?

"Royalty Free Music is music that you do not have to pay royalty to use".

Never worry about copy right infringements again, purchase a song and get a personal license to use our music forever off just one purchase, one time!  

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  • Buy once

  • Be safe from copy right

  • Never pay royalties

  • Use forever

Personal License

Online Videos

YouTube, Twitch, ect...

Social Media

TikTok, Facebook, Twitter ect...


For all application


For all game developers


All podcasting platforms


All website usage

For all commercial and enterprise licenses that covers all television, advertising and films, please enquire below.

Please read.

All songs are produced by Billings Music. Each purchase comes in the form of an MP3 file. The purchase grants you permission to use the purchased song royalty free. You may not copy or re-sell the song. Billings Music may not own the individual sound/s within the song and therefore does not grant the purchaser permission to use the individual sounds on their own. 

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